How mobile email marketing is changing?

Once upon a time, people didn’t think that email campaigns could be read in a mobile phone. The internet was very slow running on CDMA networks. Now with Iphone 5, LTE Network, things look much hopeful for the future.

Mobile email marketing is connecting with consumers. It has audiences that are mostly young people in their 15 to 35s. Email marketing is becoming more relevant with mobile phone users. More people are using their mobile phones more often to read their emails. This is good new for marketers, but there is still room to improve on message usability and rendering across different devices.

Nearly 1 in 3 consumers said that they are accessing mobile email more than ever. So the question is…Is it relevant? 85% of people said that they feel their mobile email has stayed the same or improved but here is still room for improvement. Out of that, 56% are smart phone users and the rest 29% being the feature phone users.

So getting down to the age groups…who users it the most?
20% – 45 to 54 Years
42% – 34 to 35 Years
51% – 25 to 34 Years
63% – 18 to 24 Years

This tells us more specifically on who to target on. It doesn’t tell us to target lower on older age group as they lie in lower percentages. These are type of people who are willing to unsubscribe if they find no benefit or get confused from your newsletter/email campaign.

What do they like?
12% – Newsletters
15% – New Products
21% – Real-time Delivery Tracking
21% – Promos + Vouchers
27% – Special Offers
4% – Others

As seen above, the highest statistics lie with benefit gaining aspect of email marketing. Consumers (subscribers) are looking for ways to save and could be the only reason why they subscribed to your email list in the first place. If there are any special offers provided to them through your campaign, they are more willing and inclined to take it up…giving you an easy revenue boost.

Utilization Vs Usability
55% said that they check their mobile email at least once a day yet only 20% find mobile email as easy to use as on a computer.

So in conclusion, mobile email marketing has come a long way but it has a long way to go before significant investment of time and effort is put on improving mobile content than targeting normal email clients that people tend to use. These statistics have been based on an independent poll of 1,002 UK adults conducted by Lightspeed Research in early 2011. You can learn more at