How Mattress Stores can Benefit from Email Marketing?

Sleeping soundly in today’s hectic world, when a majority of the people are sleep deprived, is a task to achieve. Moreover, apart from sleeping soundly, you need a comfortable mattress which do not cause muscle pulls or stretches. And, when a person does not find a comforting mattress, they are easily irritated, which in turn affects their personal and professional life. As a mattress store, spreading the word about the different types of comforting mattress you offer is extremely essential and there is no better way of achieving it than email marketing.  

The following email marketing strategies will surely help your mattress store attract new customers and build brand awareness and enhance your brand equity.

1. Test- Driving a Mattress

Share videos through email marketing on customers who have previously used the mattress and the comfort it provides. The video will be like a test drive for the customer who are willing to buy a soft cushioned mattress. Embedding in the email marketing software is recommended as it will save the pain of copying the URL to a different browser.

2. Exemplify the benefits

With different types of mattresses available ranging from innerspring, waterbed, foam, pillow top, latex, memory foam and adjustable mattresses available, you can easily exemplify the benefits of every mattress to the customer through an email newsletter. Detailed explanation is essential because in the stores usually in-depth information may not be provided owing to shortage of time.

3. Early Bird Discount

You can offer bundled pricing to the customers who are ready to sign up for the email marketing campaign or the ones who are already a part of it. Offers such as ‘Buy two mattresses and get a 15 % discount’ are sure to entice the customers to your mattress store. Therefore, early bird discounts are recommended.

4. Cleaning and maintaining the mattress

A mattress is prone to spilling water, tea or other liquids, which can seep inside and damage the foam. Therefore, steps to clean it properly and increase the life of the mattress can be sent to the customers through a newsletter. Helping the customer is extremely important, if you want to see an upward moving revenue chart.