How Marketer Sabotage their Email Marketing Campaign?

Today, most of the business owners understand the need and importance of email marketing. But are they really doing it correct? Small mistakes in email marketing can result in losses and you’ll end up losing your potential customers. Many a times a marketer takes a decision without understanding its consequences. Here are a few ways how marketers sabotage their email marketing campaign.

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You waste your welcome email

Sending just a ‘Thank you for subscribing’ message will never result in the desired output because creating a lasting first impression is equally important. The experience a customer will receive within the first couple of days will set the tone for the rest of their journey. You’ll be missing out on opportunity to wow the readers and gain their trust. You can encourage the subscribers to follow you on different social media platforms or direct the readers to some top content. You need to tell the readers the reason for joining your newsletter.

You forget to segment your email list

Business owners who are new to the marketing field, fail to understand about the varying interests and needs of their readers and end up sending the same message to everyone. It’s extremely essential to segment the marketing list based upon their interests and needs. List segmentation increases the open rate and lowers the unsubscribe rate. Imagine sending information about women’s clothing line to your male audience. Such customers are likely to unsubscribe or will hit the spam button. Therefore, send messages the target readers based upon their interests to witness a successful email marketing campaign.

You forget to re-engage the dead subscribers

According to a research, re-engaging the dead subscriber is less costly than engaging the new customers. You need to have a proper process to sieve out inactive subscribers. Focus on sending messages to such readers and try to re-engage them. Offer some extra discount and promotional offers to win their trust back.

These are just a ways of sabotaging your own email marketing campaign. Focus on following some of the best email practices.