How Local Dentists will Benefit from Email Marketing

Whether young or old, people of age-groups require a dentist who will take care of all their oral and dental needs. What can be better than having a dentist near your home? It will save you a hell lot of time, but the problem is many such local dentists goes unnoticed because of the lack of proper marketing. All that the dentist does is hang a billboard right outside his house, indicating the services he/she provides.

Email marketing is the solution for local dentists who can convey their professionalism and services they offer to the people and attract new patients to the clinic.

How to bring new patients?

Conduct a dental camp once in six-months and use this camp as a way to get the email addresses of those who attend the camp. This way you can build an authentic email list and also create a rapport about your clinic in the minds of your customer.  Send your email newsletter to this list of people and urge people to send this email to their friends to avail discounts for the doctor’s fees. It will create a chain and your email and patient list will increase many folds. Do not send normal email newsletters as the customers can get bored because of the boring and same old newsletter. Instead, send the customer tips to maintain healthy teeth, how to prevent tooth decay and ways to live a healthy oral life. You can also give tips for flossing and brushing. Send out discount coupons to the customers who have subscribed to your newsletter.

For kids you can run a small email competition like kids having the minimum or no cavity gets a set of pencil box as a reward from your clinic. Such activities will popularize your dental clinic and people will prefer your clinics over others.

What to avoid?

Avoid sending more than 2 newsletters per week as customers might get irritated and can unsubscribe from your email address. Send the customers what they want, show that you care for their teeth instead of just attracting new patients. The more emotionally you connect with the audience, the better results you will yield.