How IT Recruiting Firms will Benefit from Email Marketing

The information technology sector is booming with every coming day. The sector promises tremendous growth opportunities and a great future. However, the attrition rate is one of the highest in such firms. And, if you are an IT recruiting firm, you continually look out for people searching for changing the jobs. Finding a suitable candidate is in itself a Herculean task and in today’s fast paced world, when IT companies have a plethora of filters for each and every position, the task becomes even more difficult. It is when email marketing lends a helping hand. Email marketing is a boon for IT recruitment firms for finding the right fit because nothing travels faster than an email.

How to attract the best candidate?

Gone are those days when job blasts and mass messages about a job were sent to people irrespective of whether they are eligible for the job or not. With the changing time, email marketing has evolved and importance today is being laid on opt- in email marketing even for staffing and recruitment companies. Therefore, as a staffing company, to avoid your domain name from being spammed, send customized job messages to the customers. Ensure that the email is sent from an authentic email address, which the receiver can recognize. You send personality questions to the candidates via an email and based on the answers given have an initial round of shortlisting. To rope in new customers tell the success rate of your staffing solutions and you can even boast about your reputation with the clients. With hundreds or probably thousands of staffing companies across the world, it is essential to stand out of the crowd to attract the best talent. Ensure that up-to date jobs are posted and events related to the IT industry are shared with the candidates. Send useful information, which can help the candidate seek a job in their desired firm.

What should be avoided?

Avoid sending too many emails to the candidates. Send emails only when it is absolutely necessary. Periodically sending emails will help you attract a number of candidates.