How Hotels will Benefit from Email Marketing?

If you are not staying in touch with the clients through technology, then you are probably missing out on new customer base, customer loyalty and advertising. And, with customers carrying mobile devices where they go, not having an email marketing campaign is inviting trouble. Today, more than 70% of the messages are being read on mobile devices and email marketing is definitely the appropriate way to connect with the target readers. Since, a long time, the hotel industry is ignoring the benefits of the marketing platform, which result in lower customer base in the long run. Here are a few ways how hotel industry will benefit from email marketing.


Keep it simple

Email newsletters do not have to be overcrowded with information as readers usually scan an email before reading it thoroughly. A messy and loud newsletter rarely piques the interest of the reader as the information is not easy to read. Sending messages with too much information with a single column layout will directly land you in the spam folder. Focus on not changing the layout with every email communication as it created a bad impression.

Listen to your clients

Remember to provide a link with every message for the customer to provide feedback regarding your services, hotels and emails messages. Actively engaging the readers with conversations and wherever possible, ask the opinion of your readers as it will help you improve your services. Their feedback and information will provide you with some valuable information, which can be used to improve the email marketing campaign. Focus on creating an awesome first time experience for the readers to remain engaged.

Send offers

Awarding loyalty is essential for creating engagement and building a loyal customer based. Send email offers to customers who frequently check in your hotel. Offers can be in terms of discount coupons, free lunch or free coffee on their next visit. Customers will definitely give your hotel the first preference, the next time they plan a stay.

Email marketing is a great way of generating customer loyalty and reaching out to potential customers.