How Holiday Shopping Promotions can Benefit from Email Marketing?

With the holiday season around, holiday shopping promotion can benefit from the email marketing. The promotional run can attract new customers and increase the sale. Email marketing will work wonders for both small scale business and large businesses. Newsletters today are the leading way to attract the customers. You can actually make your business talk of the tinsel town and set it apart from the other competitors.


What to do?

Wasting hundreds of dollars in television advertisements in print media is not suggested as they are costly and less effective than email marketing. A majority of flyers goes unnoticed today and the ROI on it extremely small. You can offer customers discounts or early bird offers if they come to your store with the copy of the email. This will increase your customer base and enhance revenue. You send also send links to products your company offers or attach images of the latest offering. Christmas, New Year or Valentine’s Day should be the target days to attract a lot of customers. Offering hefty discounts and offering free gift hampers if a minimum purchase of a certain amount is done. This is considered one of the leading ways to increase revenue on important days.

What to avoid?

Avoid sounding desperate in the newsletter, because you will lose out on potential customers and probably lose out the loyal customers as well. Sending mails telling customers that you are giving 8 items free, if you buy 2 products is definitely not required as it portrays business in a wrong way. Moreover, it is advisable to send the holiday shopping promotion, email at least two weeks before the actual sale starts. This is highly recommended because people will mark the calendar in advance and ensure they avail the shopping fiesta you are offering. You also need to ensure that you do not unnecessarily send a newsletter every day of the week. Sending newsletter or reminders too frequently will irritate the customers and they can probably back out of your newsletter.

Newsletters in an email marketing campaign is one of the leading tools to attract customers, which offers customer first-hand information about the promotion.