How Gift Shops can Benefit from Email Marketing?

Giving gifts to family members and loved ones is one of the best feeling and no amount of money can ever replace the happiness and joy. Be It birthday, anniversary or success in a job, a gift is always special and leaves behind an impression in the minds of the person. Gifts creates memories, which are always remembered and leaves a lasting impression.  A gift shop is always a unique way to enchant customers with unique items. Therefore, a marketing plan is necessary and it helps you build the brand image and ensure customers remember the gift shop or boutique for a long period of time.


1. Analyze the potential customers

Analyzing the requirements of the potential customers will help you create a gift boutique shop which has no immediate competition. The potential customers for a gift shop range from baby boomers to older couples, each at a different income level, and each having a different demographic. Therefore, in the newsletter focus on the demographics of each group such that customers can easily relate to the items you have on display. Additionally, according to a research, a majority of the customers have a gift in mind before stepping into the shop to make a purchase.

2. Competition

You can even dedicate one section of the newsletter on informing the customers about the different varieties of gift items you have in the shop and how your shop is different from the gift boutique of the competitor. Therefore, it is essential to understand about the competitors and looks for ways to stand out from the competitors such that customers think about your gift shop first before making a purchase. Tell the customers, you offer free home delivery of items and the gift wrapping is done for free for loyal customers. This way customers who are busy and do not have time to shop for a gift item will become long term customers.

3. Promotional Offers and campaigns

Start an email marketing campaign dedicated to the new customers. Send email offers and promotional codes which can be redeemed when a purchase is made.