How Franchises can Benefit from Email Marketing?

Despite the popularity of social media marketing, email marketing is a successful way for franchises to communicate with prospects and customers. As a franchise, you can use email marketing to keep the customers fully updated about the latest news and developments. Connecting with customers, targeting readers and keeping the readers informed becomes easy with a strategic email marketing campaign. You need a proper plan and a course of action to reach the target audience. Here are a few benefits of email marketing for your franchise business.


Triggered Emails

These emails are triggered based on a specific event such as an action taken by the customer on your website or change in the purchase behavior of your customer. Though triggered emails will make up a small percentage of the send volume, but it will generate a significant portion of your revenue. For example, whenever a customer visits your store, you can send a triggered email thanking the customer for their visit and include a survey form. Furthermore, you can send an offer with an e-card on the birthday and anniversary of the subscribers. Such messages will engage the readers with your franchises.

Ongoing campaigns

Ongoing campaigns form the backbone of your email marketing. Include coupons and discounts as it’s the primary reason for a customer joining your email marketing program. Send unique bar codes in the email as it will not only prevent fraud, but will also help you track the redemption of exactly how many readers responded to the campaign. These dynamic components will help you attract customers and build a strong franchise base. These campaigns will help you build a strong email list and help you increase the revenue manifold.

Build your database

Without a strong customer base, your franchise business will not reap the desired results. It’s essential that you capture new email addresses on a regular basis. Focus on creating different point of sales wherein you can collect email addresses and connect with new customers. Furthermore, you can leverage the effectiveness of Facebook to attract new leads to increase your customer base.