How Food Caterers can Benefit from Email Marketing?

Unlike hotels and restaurants, a food catering business usually do not have a brick and mortar store to let the audience known about their existence. A huge chunk of caterers work from home or share a commissary kitchen. Therefore, marketing a catering business becomes difficult and the business mainly strives on word of mouth publicity. However, email marketing is probably the only tool, which can help your business reach the desired audience and generate revenue. Today, a number of people use email to communicate and if you leverage the effectiveness of email marketing, your catering business will become the talk of the tinsel town.

1. Target the local audience

The leading way to connect with the local audience is by creating a strong network with the wedding planners, even planers or bridal shops. Make a good rapport with these people and there will be no looking back. You can send them newsletter detailing about your services and highlight on what sets you apart from the others. You can even highlight the commission you will be giving these planners or shops for bringing in business. Once you are established people will automatically come to you instead of going to the wedding planners.

2. Send newsletters to the customers directly

Procure email addresses of the locals living in your area and send them newsletters once a week. Post pictures of the delicious food and beverages your catering house offers. You can even give discount coupons to people who order above a certain limit. Give discounts to customers who willingly subscribe to your email campaign. The discounts can be minimal, but it will surely attract customers.

3.  Organize a tasting fair

Until unless a customer has tasted the food you offer, the chances of the customer becoming a potential client are low. Therefore, invite people to your tasting fair wherein you can display the delicious dishes you can cook. Remember to invite only a few people otherwise an open house can cause a lot of problems. Send personalized email invitation to these people and request them to carry the invitation to the fair.