How Financial Services can Benefit from Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the most effective platform for communication for financial services. aBe it banks or credit unions email is the only digital platform, converting prospects into customers. You need the right mix of strategy and communication to leverage the complete effectiveness of this marketing platform. And, with the wide use of mobile phones, email marketing has become even tougher for marketers because they have to maintain the secrecy of customer information. Here are a few strategies, which the financial services can leverage to effectively build their reputation.


Use video in the messages

Many banks in order to increase their engagement rate and response rate, send video messages to the customers. Instead of direct mailing the video to the customer, you can embed a link in the mail, which the customers can view at their own convenience. Ensure the link is playable and clickable, so that customers know the link is authentic. Whenever the link is clicked, the video should automatically play without the customer having to click it again and again. You need to deliver user-friendly content and video to the customers. Finally, follow all the rules of embedding a video in the message. Ensure that video can be played on as many devices as possible because a majority of the customers view the content on their mobile devices.

Automate your processes

Deploying a number of email marketing campaigns every week can be a challenging task as it will waste a lot of your time and money. Instead, automate a few of your processes such as sales alert, list hygiene, updates and list feeds) to ease your process and you can utilize the time to develop effective email marketing strategies and increase the ROI of the marketing campaign. Try automating as many processes as possible because it will be useful in the long run.

Email is undoubtedly an effective channel to engage the customers in the financial sector and the customers are changing the way they read and react to email messages. Therefore, banks and credit unions should change according to the changing customer requirement.