How fast is my Email Campaign delivered?

We get this question a lot these days and its a one that needs to be answered. The time it takes to deliver your email campaign to your entire list depends on the size of your list, and on the current mail queue at Email It. We balance our servers evenly so that the email queue doesn’t get held back for a long time and the queue gets processed as quickly as possible without affecting the deliverability of your emails.

Technically speaking, it takes us 45 minutes to send around 500,000 emails. We can move this throttle up and delivery up to 1 millions emails every 50 minutes but beyond this we would be putting your email campaign at risk. This is because Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) require email messages be throttled to groups of 2,000 or less and sent at rates from 10 to 40 minutes apart. We can send email pretty darn fast, but ISPs, some email servers and spam filters on the other hand can’t receive bulk mail as quickly. Speed of delivery is then dependent how quickly they are receiving the incoming email messages which can vary from time of the day to time of the year.

If the company receiving your emails has a ‘ok’ mail server that handles all the incoming mails and the load of your email campaign hit their mail servers at once, it could automatically shut off and start rejecting the emails being received. This eventually means, a lot of bounces causing your email campaign not to be as successful. When you initially send mails through our system and it exceeds 25,000 emails, the sending rate may seem slow but as you grow your reputation, your emails will be delivered at a much faster speed and you will see the email campaign statistics right away.