How Fashion Retailers Can Benefit from Email Marketing

Email marketing is a leading way to build stronger relationship and help make profits. Customers who come to your website from email are more likely to make a purchase than people who accidently reach your website. It’s one of the most important channel for communicating on a personal level with the target audience. Fashion retailers are likely to benefit from contextual marketing, which is all about getting the right content to the right audience at the right time. Contextual marketing will help you strengthen your customer relationship and build brand reputation. Here are a few ways how fashion retailers can benefit from email marketing.

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Focus on delivering value, instead of editorial calendar

The success of your email marketing campaign depends upon your ability to send relevant and meaningful messages. It doesn’t depend upon the number of messages you send to the readers. Therefore, focus on dumping the editorial calendar and send valuable information to the target audience. If you send messages that help the readers, they will not mind receiving messages on a daily basis. But, if you send garbage, your readers will filter the messages as spam.

Abandoned Cart

More than 68% of the people abandon their cart without purchasing, which is why cart abandoned emails are a must for every fashion retailer. These emails give your customers another chance to complete their purchase. You can offer additional one time discount to such customers to further attract the readers. Fashion retailers who do not take an abandoned cart seriously suffer in the long term.


Time and again marketers have stressed on the importance of personalization. Personalized emails usually receive a 2.5 times higher click-through rate and generates more than 6times revenue. Basic personalization involves sending messages with the name of the subscribers. But, today, you need to go an extra mile and use the purchase history of the readers to send personalized messages. Send emails according to the location of the subscribers, purchase history and weather of the place. Personalization can give you an edge over your competitors.