How Every Business can Benefit from Email Marketing?

When you send a message to your readers, you want it to arrive in the inbox, get viewed by the readers, and inspire some sort of action or another. Whether you want the readers to click the CTA or download an attachment, making the email marketing effective is essential to engage the readers. Without proper content, reaching out to the potential customers will become extremely difficult. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that can help every business increase their ROI.



Without using white spaces, you cannot emphasize on the importance of your content as cluttered messages and emails are rarely read by the readers. Additionally, focus on using a responsive template because a majority of the messages today are being read on a mobile device. Such templates ensure that the email message remains attractive across multiple platforms.

As far as possible, focus on using single column design as it improves readability across both desktops and mobile platforms. The best way to reach the inbox of the readers is sticking to a single layout.

Email widths under 650 pixels are received well by users because large emails require side-to-side scrolling, which can hamper the concentration and interested of the customer. Focus on following only the best practices to reach the target audience and engage them with useful and meaningful content.

Moreover, add social media buttons to encourage message sharing and attracting people beyond your current network. When customers share your messages, it creates a different impact on others because people only share content that is interesting and captivating.


Never try to embed videos in any email marketing campaign because these don’t work in an email. If you want to share a video, embed it on your landing page and ensure that customers view your video. And, if you’re trying to use animated GIFs, you need to work a bit hard because most versions of Outlook use the MS rendering engine, which only displays the first frame of animation.

Avoid using top banners as these are usually filtered as spam by the most email service providers. Additionally, focus on using JPEG or non-animated GIFs as PNG is not supported by lotus notes, meaning that your messages may reach the spam folder.