How Email Size Affects Deliverability?

Nothing is more important for an email marketer than knowing that the emails are being successfully delivered to the targeted audience. However, spam filters can easily the happiness by imposing different kinds of special rules. If the rules are not followed, then the future of your email marketing campaign will be in deep danger. There are a number of ways to avoid spam filters and ensure the email campaigns are being delivered.


1. The right size of the image

Image size of less than 100 KB is apt for an email marketing campaign. You can insert as many pictures as you want until the size of the images do not excess 100 KB. It is advisable not to use inline images, which are hardcoded in the HTML code and increases the size of the email. Using .png format is recommended over .jpg format. The .png format gives you the freedom to optimize the images according to your taste and requirement, without hampering the quality and making the newsletter or email heavier. Additionally, avoid sending a mail with only a picture and no text. The program and spam bots checkers cannot read the images and if you use only images, the email will come under the scanner of the ISPs.

2. Attachments

An email or newsletter triggered with a heavy attachment is considered potentially harmful by the ISP and the message will directly land in the spam folder. Attachment size of less than 2MB is the threshold limit when sending a communication to the customers. The total size of the attachments should not exceed 10 MB. Instead of using attachments, you can insert links to the stored files or the landing pages. The links will help you increase the click-through rate and help you achieve success in the email marketing campaign.

Spam filters are the stones and work as obstacles for reaching out to the potential targeted audience. The above-mentioned tips will help you improve the overall quality of the email. Therefore, ensure the newsletters are clear and straightforward, such that customers find the mails relevant.