How Email Marketing Will Help Retailers?

Although email marketing has been around for almost two decades, it continues to be one of the leading platforms when it comes to customer engagement. And, with the advancement in technology, retailers never before had an opportunity to connect personally and take the email marketing strategies to new heights. Retailer across the world are preferring this marketing platform to build a loyal customer base and increasing your spending in email marketing is the first step in the right direction. Here are a few ways an effective email marketing campaign will help retailers.


Increasing open rates

More than 50% of the readers, unsubscribe from the email marketing campaign because of irrelevant content and increasing frequency of the email messages. People are looking today for hyper-targeted messages because it ensures that the brand is listening to their requirement and taking time to cultivate their one to one relationship. Collect data on how consumers respond to your email messages before sending messages. Prefer sending personalized messages based upon their demographics, location, age and purchasing behavior. And, with a wealth of data available, achieving a sophisticated level of personalization is easy to achieve.

Mobile strategy holds the key

Retailers need to focus on mobile strategy because more than 45% of the email messages are being opened on email and the number is anticipated to increase in the near future. Focus on creating an attention grabbing headline, which is short, crisp and should not be more than 60 characters. Additionally, the first line of the email message should be compelling because based upon the first few lines, a reader decides whether the message will reach be read or reach the spam folder. Remember to make the website and landing pages user friendly because if a customer likes your email message, then they are likely to visit your website for further details. Customer usability is of prime importance when it comes to creating a seamless experience for the readers.

Email marketing will definitely help retailers achieve success in their efforts and as the goal of no email marketing is to send too many email messages, it is to engage the readers with quality content.