How Email Marketing will Help Movie Selling Companies?

Movies are such a relaxing way to end a day after a tiring and hectic work schedule in the office or at college. Today with a plethora of movies releasing every week, it is extremely difficult to attract people to a movie which your company is selling. An out of the box marketing campaign will definitely ensure that customers are attracted to buy the movie not because of the actor or actress, but due to your marketing efforts and promotional campaigns. The reach of email marketing will help you touch the user base which otherwise would have become extremely impossible.



The following marketing tactics will ensure the movie is watched and you make profits.

1. Discounts

With the cinema hall tickets shooting up, you can make the life of the customers easier by offering discounts on the movies you sell. Interested customers and movie lovers are sure to purchase the collection because of their sheer interest. And, a discount is loved by each and every person. You can the discount coupons via the email and build long term relationship with the customers. You can even offer autographed movie CDs to a few lucky customers who frequently makes purchases from your company. The loyalty bonuses and rewards are sure to attract more customers and build an authentic and clean mailing list.

2. Combo Offers

Movie combo offers work best as more revenue can be generated and the sales increases to many folds. A combo offer of two bestselling movies is sure to capture the attention of the audience. And, you can provide combo offers based on the actors or the genre of the movie. This way customers who love romantic movies will pick up the romantic combo and so on. You will be actually catering to the need of every customer who comes knocking on your door.

3. Email Survey

Through email surveys you can understand what type of movies the customer prefer and accordingly build the collection. It is all about satisfying the needs of the customer, then why not ask the customers directly?