How Email Marketing will Help a Garment Shop?

Trendy, fashionable and smart looking garments easily captures the interest of the targeted audience. And, with plethora of such shops in the market, standing out of the crowd is an art in itself. As a garment shop you need to exemplify the best product, design, and material to attract the customers and keep the engagement going on forever. Today, with the prices of print media surging sky high, email marketing will definitely come to your rescue. With email marketing you can target customers, which is ever possible using any other form of marketing and your budget will not get affected in any way.


Here are few ways to increase engagement and ensure your shop is the talk of the tinsel town.

1. Festive Bonanza

Festivals is the time when a majority of the population hunt down for clothes suitable for their requirement. This is right time to strike and build trust among the customers. Before the festive season commence, you give away small discounts or gift to every customer who buys from the shop. Along with the gift, ask the customer to fill a form wherein you acquire the email address and their preferences. During the festival season, send newsletters, offers and huge discounts to people who have enrolled for the subscription. You can even offer loyalty bonuses to customers who are frequent buyers and who wish to stay with your business for a long time.

2. Carry out a SWOT analysis

In marketing understanding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat to your business plays a vital role. Carrying a SWOT analysis on your garment shop will help you leverage the strengths, understand the weaknesses, make use of the opportunities and curb the threats to your business. Carrying out a competitor analysis will help you better understand the working of this industry and you can in no time increase the user base. Additionally, in order to succeed, conceptualizing a marketing strategy intended towards the targeted audience will help you grow.

Have a vision before you start selling, email marketing will help you achieve the vision in no time.