How Email Marketing is Helping Political Campaigns?

Whether you’re supporting Hillary Clinton campaign or Donald Trump’s campaign, it cannot be ignored that email marketing has played a significant role is connecting voters. Even in 2008, President Barack Obama captured more than 13.7 million unique customers. And, the majority of the money generated from the presidential campaign was driven by fundraising emails. Today, every email marketing campaign is helping political campaigns to reach their target readers. Here are a few ways how email marketing is a boon in this digital marketing world.


Money is raised through email marketing

In political campaigns, email marketing is primarily used to raise money and according to a research more than 59% of respondent who donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign were persuaded to do via email. Email marketing is a great way for political parties to raise funds that are necessary to run a successful political campaign. However, if your email marketing misfires, your messages will reach the spam folder. You need to ensure that your domain is recognized and not considered as spam by the email service providers. Focus on creating marketing campaigns that stirs the attention of the potential investors and voters. You can easily leverage the effectiveness of email marketing because people regularly check their email addresses.

Advanced emails help build interest

Many digital marketers will agree that email marketing is here to stay and will stay for a very long time. And, today the days of one-size-fits-all is over and you can send advanced messages to the readers. Marketers need to analyze and utilize the tool of personalization because customers want to be understood. Sending tailored emails to every individual is a great way to communicate with the readers. Messages that don’t relate to the readers are usually sent to the trash folder. Your political campaigns need to go beyond the canned mass email messages. Sending personalized and customized email messages is essential to win the trust of the readers.

Focus on sending messages catered towards your campaign and how you plan to bring about a change in the society.