How Email Marketing Connects Business with Customers?

Today, people are going crazy over social media networking websites, which means businesses are focusing more on enticing customers through social media. However, social media can only create the desired buzz, if you want to build long term customers, email marketing is definitely the right choice. Irrespective of the nature of the business, building long term relationship with the customers is essential, if you want to them to keep coming back to your services and product. And, email marketing will help you achieve all the above-mentioned goals easily. Email marketing has been used for a  very long time and it is continuously growing and evolving, which has made communication with the customers a lot simpler.


Why should a marketer use Email?

Customers may have a Facebook account, but may not be active on a regular basis because you are probably not going to miss out on anything important. However, when it comes to email, the scenario is totally different, it has been found out that customers check their inbox on a daily basis. Additionally, emails can be easily checked on mobile phones and tablets. Irrespective of the device the message is delivered to the intended target audience. Email marketing is cheap and results in the highest ROI. You simply have to entice the customers with an eye-catching content piece. Moreover, email is a great way to connect with the existing customers and ensure they make a purchase from your brand again.

Does Email Marketing really works?

According to a research, more than 60% of people make an online purchase after reading an email message. The statistics are enough to prove the effectiveness of the marketing style and the extent to which it can create an impact. Additionally, the return on investment is greater than 4 times the normal marketing methods.

How to attract customers?

For attracting the customers you need to craft a marketing strategy. Simply triggering newsletters will not help you achieve the desired results. You can send promotional offers to the customers once a week or month and share relevant information. Plan your marketing campaign ahead to avoid any unseen circumstances.