How Local Soap Companies can benefit from Email Marketing

Soaps are an inevitable part of any human’s life and it is a basic necessity of life today. And, if you are a local soap company, you can benefit from email marketing and generate potential leads, which in turn will increase your overall profit and revenue. However, if you use an outdated tactic such as newspaper marketing or flyers, you are actually using marketing tactics that can cost you a fortune. The same message with enhanced features can be easily conveyed across through an email marketing campaign. Additionally, tracking the success with the email marketing is easier and the success of it can be known easily.

How to do it?

Send the fragrances, which your soap offers in an interesting way through an email marketing. You can send them the additional benefits the soap offers through an email. Convey the unique selling point of your soap in a way that it entices the customer. If possible, you can embed animated GIFs of your soap in the email. Additionally, you can send skin care tips and other skin related important information to customers to connect them easily to your brand. As a marketing tactic, you send across 10% discount to all the people who have subscribed to your email addresses. And, reward people who share email addresses of their family and friends. As a token of gratification, you can give them a pack of three soaps to encourage customers to share email addresses. This will not only generate leads, but also build your email list.

What else to keep in mind?

However, remember not to send too many emails to the customer. This can frustrate them and they will prefer to unsubscribe. Also, make sure that when your email newsletter ends, there is an option to unsubscribe. It is an extremely important aspect, which should be kept in mind otherwise it can lead to negative publicity as people who do not want to receive your newsletter will spread bad word about your brand.

Through innovative and creative newsletter, a soap company can easily win hearts of the local customer and establish the company in the minds of the customer.