How Email Marketing can Increase your Revenue?

Although, social media has opened countless marketing options delivering quality results, email marketing is still the most engaging platform. The dynamics of email marketing is changing regularly and is heading towards deep personalization. And, email results in double the revenue when compared to other digital marketing platforms. Marketers prefer to send content and information via email as it increases engagement and helps in enhancing customer interaction. Here are a few ways to increase your revenue using email marketing campaigns.

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Email increases customer engagement

According to a research by Accenture, top 20% of the customers contribute to more than 150% of a company’s profit. Irrespective of the industry you cater, customer retention is essential for long term success. Additionally, marketing to existing customers is always easier than marketing to new clients. A successful email marketing campaign, helps in maintaining a robust customer engagement and molds the campaign, according to the buying decision of the buyer. You can focus on creating a new marketing campaign for readers who have not made a purchase in the last few months to re-engage them. Offer extra discounts to renew your relationship.

Move out of the old era

Even today, many marketers believe that sending repetitive messages will eventually result in conversion. However, on the contrary, this is an old school method and no longer works with the customers. While repetition is a great way to increase the brand awareness, but it makes your brand more predictable, and customers tend to ignore the incoming messages. Today, readers demand personalization to increase the overall ROI of the email marketing campaign. Send personalized messages based upon the purchase history and the past behavior of the target audience before sending messages.

Customers reward personalization

An average email user receives more than 120 messages per day, which makes it even more important to craft email addresses that stand out from the crowd. Focus on sending dynamic and customized messages rather than sending generic content to the readers. Open rates usually double with the campaigns catered towards the specific need of the readers.