How Email Marketing can Help Watch Companies?

Whether it is Mother’s day, Father’s day or Valentine’s Day there is no better gift than a watch to express a person’s true feeling. Beautifully crafted watches are a treasure to cherish for the entire lifetime. Watches are the priceless gift and a requirement today for a majority of people. Branded watches are costly for everyone to afford and gift. And, if you are a watch selling or making company, then email marketing is the perfect platform for you to build long brand equity and long term customer relationship.


Here are few ways in which email marketing will help you achieve your marketing goal.

1. Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to exemplify the whole product line you offer. Publish the pictures of some of the best designs you have in store and send the newsletters to the targeted audience. Ensure to send the newsletters before a special day or occasion like Mother’s day because on such occasions people usually look out for gifts for their beloved family members. However, never send emails or newsletters to people who have not subscribed for the same as it will lead to a high spam rate. Design the newsletter in an authentic and appealing way, embed a beautiful video, fill it with mesmerizing content and load it with a lot of photos and pictures. The content amount should be minimal because pictures have the strength to speak for themselves.

2. Discounts and offers

A 10% or a 20% discount is enough to rope in new customers and force the existing customers for a second purchase. Send the news about the discounts being offered via an email. Email will penetrate to the targeted audience at places where all other forms of marketing fail to reach. The discount coupons can be customized and shared via the email. This way you will have more authentic email addresses and the mailing list will increase. A mailing list free of dormant and invalid email addresses is a boon because it will give wings to your email marketing campaign.

The penetration of email marketing is growing with each passing day. The decision lies in your hand.