How Email Marketing can help Sunglasses Shop?

With the scorching summer about to begin, a customer would definitely be looking at all the means, which can probably give relief from the pricking summer. A plethora of customers finds peace in the shade of an air conditioning and those who cannot afford these luxuries are left to sweat in the dirty summer. People on a field job special finds it extremely difficult to beat the summer, but as a sunglass shop you can easily come to the rescue of such people and sell some cool sunglasses to people who are in need. And, to achieve this email marketing will come to your rescue.


1. Send offers and discounts

Offers and discounts are the leading way to attract customers to buy some extra cool and fashionable sunglasses which are trending in the fashion world. Moreover, today with the technology rising sky-high, UV protective glasses are available, which will not only help you fight the heat, but also protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Therefore, send irresistible offers via email and ask the customers to show the discount coupon to avail the offer. This way marketing list will grow and you will have customers who are genuinely interested in the marketing campaign.

2. Exemplify the products using email

You will surely have more than 400-500 designs in your catalogue. Why not reveal any of the coolest and latest designs to the customer using newsletters. If you have a replica of sunglasses worn by celebrities, you can exemplify it to the targeted audience. Customers are attracted if they get to wear something similar to their style icon. Along with the trendy sunglasses, you can share information about the different types of sunglasses, the advantages and disadvantages. Sending relevant information to the customers will help you connect easily.

3. Avoid overburdening the customers

Summers may be starting soon, but do not overburden the customers by sending 6-7 mails in a week as it is extremely irritating to the customers. Make noise about your presence, but do not make a loud noise which will not be heard by the targeted audience because by then they would have gone deaf to your marketing strategies.