How Email Marketing can help Sports Academy

With the world cup 2015 just ending up, the season for other sports is high and sports lover across the world are always on a lookout to mimic their favorite sports player. And, if you own a sports academy, email marketing is the leading tool, which will help you reach out to the audience and ensure long term relations are built. Email marketing will provide you a platform wherein you can exemplify the level of training and the type of professional you possess in bringing out the hidden talent of the students who enroll to the academy. Today sports as a career is extremely successful and parents will never hesitate if their kids want to join a professional sports course to groom their skills further.


 1. Give a free demo class

Demo classes are the best way to attract potential students as these classes are the door to what is actually happening inside the academy. Therefore, send email newsletters to people who have subscribed informing the day and time of the demo classes. People with the newsletters should be allowed to attend the classes. This way a great number of people who want to join the academy are sure to enroll for the courses. Hold such classes once in every two months to increase the audience. These classes will also help you attain popularity in the neighborhood as not many academy offers such types of offer to the customers.

2. Send interesting newsletters

Newsletters containing the recent updates in the sporting arena is a great way to keep the customers updated. Remember to send updates to every sport that is practiced and taught in your academy. You can also share the health benefits for a particular sport. This way students who play only one sports will be enthusiastic to join the other sports as well. If any renowned player was a part of the academy earlier, you can exemplify it as an achievement and let the students know, how the academy can nurture a sports player and let them unleash their dreams.

Play any sport, but remember to market it through email marketing.