How Email Marketing can help Hair Dressers?

With a plethora of tinsel town parties, birthday parties and wedding anniversaries, a hairdresser can acquire potential new clients with unique and interesting marketing techniques. Everyone, especially women, wants to look distinguished when they go for a celebration or attend a party. There is no better way of enticing them than offering out of the box stylish hairstyle. And, today email marketing is the leading tactic to reach out to a large base of targeted audience.

What to include in the newsletter?

In your salon, create a board wherein you ask the customer to pen down their email addresses. This way you can create a list of customers who actually visit the salon and would be interested in the services and offers you provide. Send the customer tips to maintain their hair and send pictures of the new hairstyles in the tinsel town. Provide newsletter offers such as discount to people who have subscribed to the email newsletter. Giving the customers tips about the latest hairstyle, which a famous actor or actresses is using, will attract people who follow them closely. Send the customer’s reminder emails about the haircut and other hair services such as hair spa or hair massage. A reminder email is always loved by people because in the fast-paced world haircut is probably the last thing in mind of a majority of people.

On birthdays, you can offer the birthday person a bumper gift of 30 percent off on all the hair services they avail. This step will ensure that people visit your salon at least on their birthday. And, with a large population in every city, you will get a plethora of customers daily.

What to avoid in the newsletter?

An overly jazzy and colorful newsletter is not recommended as you are selling a professional service to the customer. Additionally, avoid sending more than 2 emails per week because it is not daily that a client requires a hair massage or a hairstyle. Sending frequent emails, will only ensure your newsletter lands in the promotional tab instead of the main inbox.

Email marketing is a powerful tool and in no time can generate leads for your business. Try it today, to witness its effectiveness.