How Email Marketing can Help Bicycle Retailers?

There’s a powerful marketing tool which could boost your sales, drive traffic and clear the old stock of bicycle in your warehouse. Email marketing will not only drive sales, but will enhance customer retention and improve your brand image. Every time a customer purchase a bicycle, ask for their email address to enter in the warranty card of the bicycle. The powerful tool is called your customer database and is an asset to your organization. As a bicycle retailer, email marketing is a great way to attract the potential cyclist to your store. Here are a few reasons why email marketing is essential for your bicycle business.

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Email is cheap and provides better ROI

Email is the purest and most affordable means of communication, which is cheaper than social media. It is free of cost, if you do it on your own. Connecting with customers through email is easy as people prefer receiving business communication in their inbox. Additionally, email returns $38 for every dollar spend, which is the highest in the industry. Successful ad campaigns result only in $3 revenue for every dollar spent. Therefore, if you have a marketing TV ad campaign budget, you need to re-consider budget allocation.

Email can be sent anytime

Physical presence of the reader doesn’t matter when the message reaches the inbox of the reader. This is something extraordinary for email marketing because social media platform and traditional forms of marketing require the presence of the customer. Furthermore, email marketing makes the customer less annoyed as they can read the message based on their convenience. You can send messages anytime and the customer will read it according to their free time.

High open rates

On an average, the open rate for Twitter post is 0.5%, whereas for email marketing it can increase to 20%. It means you connect with more audience by spending vert less. For most small business owners, the open rate is always in double digit and it can help you reach the target audience.

If your email marketing strategy is perfect, your emails will happily land in the inbox of the readers.