How Disc Jockey can Benefit from Email Marketing?

With a lot of talented disc jockeys around, marketing a DJ becomes an important aspect in determining the success and failure of the disc jockey. The market and the future for a disc jockey is bright as a plethora of people prefer a DJ in every function they organize. It has become more of a status quo and a party however small it may be, is incomplete with a music worth dancing. Additionally, carrying out the marketing activities in a cost effective way is essential as spending too much on advertising is not required in the initial days. Therefore, email marketing, is the best available marketing option.

1. Sound email marketing

Instead of sending traditional promotional emails, think differently and send sound email marketing messages to the customer. With the sound email, the customers can easily judge the quality of tracks you are possessing and the customer can decide on whether the tracks are suitable for the occasion or not. A one minute soundtrack of the best song collection or list you have made can be sent as a sample to the customer. Always remember that the soundtrack is creating your impression in the minds of the customer. Therefore, there is extremely less chance of error.

2. Email discounts and vouchers

Sending email discount and vouchers will attract a lot of customers as hiring a disc jockey is a costly affair and customers will welcome any sort of discount or rebate on the services. Send customized discount vouchers in order to personalize the discount coupon and let the customers know, you value their presence.

3. Offer customized services

Every occasion is special and requirement of every occasion and person is completely different. Therefore, it is advisable that you offer customized services to the guests. Let the customers decide the songs and you can create a fabulous mix of the selected songs. You can kill two birds with one stone through this strategy. Firstly, customers can be made happy through the customized songs and secondly, you are able to create a unique list of songs, which can be used later on.

Today, a disc jockey adds five stars to any event and guests remember the entertainment more than the occasion or the food.