How Dance Studios can Benefit from Email Marketing

Dancing is one of the most competitive and probably the best fitness exercise for everyone.  Dancing not only keeps you fit, but also enhances the confidence in a person. Through dance shows and stage performance teenager can combat the stage fear and can develop dancing as a habit. Moreover, dancing as a career has good scope as there is a huge demand of choreographers in the market. If you are having a dance academy or a club, email marketing is the leading option available to attract customers. It is an easy and a cost-effective way to spread the message across.

Where to begin from?

The dance studios can send links of their website and the dance courses they offer through a email marketing. The contacts can be procured from the local directories. And, once the visitors visit the website, the dance studio should use a landing page, wherein the users can fill the information and receive the monthly newsletter from the studio. Additionally, the studio can get in touch with high school principals and tell them the benefit the studio can offer to the students. After all, studies are just one part of life. Email addresses procured from the school can easily be turned into future customers.

What to offer?

Offer early bird offer or internet discount to everyone who enrolls through the link mentioned in the newsletter. Like this, the emails from the dance studio will be noticed and the campaign can become successful. The studio through the email can give the customers a glimpse of its services, by embedding a short video link in the email. They can also include directions, addresses of the studio along with a small bio-data of the professional dancers who teach at the academy. The unique selling points of the studio will come in handy during the email marketing phase.

Conduct a trial class every month

Send the information about conducting a trail class on the email and allow only those users who are subscribed to the newsletter to attend these classes. This will create a rippling effect because people will forward these emails to their friends and relative, who in turn will subscribe and become your long-term customers.

No other method matches the marketing capabilities of an email marketing campaign.