How Child Care can Benefit from Email Marketing

Taking care of a child is one of the most challenging tasks and competing with corporate operated facilities ensures the task is further made difficult. Moreover, child care marketing is never an easy task as parents are extremely cautious before selecting a child care facility. Your target audience is thus the parents and enticing them through a marketing program is essential. And, to achieve this goal, email marketing is the leading tool as it reaches a plethora of audience in a short span of time.

1. Content Marketing through Email

Connecting with the parents emotionally is very important. And, content marketing through email will assist you in building bonds with the parents. With the newsletter, send action pictures of children carrying out different activities in your child care. Inform the parents about the fruitful activities carried out in the child care and its benefits. Highlight the benefits of the child care facility and the reasons why it is different from other child care programs offering the same services.

2. Offer T-shirts and goodie bags to email subscribers who enroll

Incentives for the kids will attract parents to the child care facility. T-shirts having your child care name, customized goodie bags filled with stuff, which a child loves and customized pens are few eye-catching offers. You need to remember a child care business is heavily dependent on word of mouth publicity. Therefore, there is a high possibility that the parents who have enrolled will refer your child care facility to their relatives.

3. Start a referral scheme via email

Referral schemes are another great way to increase the enrollment and market the child care facility effectively. Therefore, start a referral program via an email and offer discounts in terms of monetary benefits or gifts to the people who refer.

Email marketing has an extremely high return on investment and it gives a proper communication channel loaded with information to the parents. Even today, when a majority of people consider email as dead, email marketing has the power to return $40 for every $1 spent. Therefore, create innovative and colorful newsletters to attract customers to your child care facility.