How Carpet Cleaning Companies can Benefit from Email Marketing

A majority of carpet cleaning companies today are facing stiff competition and poor marketing strategies, which actually lead to huge losses. The business in such a scenario will get nowhere and ultimately shut down. In order to capture the client’s attraction, one of the leading ways for the carpet cleaning companies is using the email marketing to generate potential leads and convert it to long-term customers. Additionally, email marketing not only drives potential new clients, but also bridge the gap between customer and companies.

How to attract new clients and keep old customers engaged?

Attracting new clients and keeping the old customers engaged is the major challenge faced by a number of companies. Email marketing is one tool, which will provide solution for all the marketing needs of a carpet cleaning company. With the newsletter, you can send the customers a plethora of important information about way to clean the carpet. Tips to maintain the carpet and ways to remove the stain from a carpet are few aspects, which will increase your user base. Show customers you care for them, rather than simply selling the cleaning service. Send out a newsletter asking people to get their friends subscribed, to avail extra discounts on all sorts of cleaning services your company offers.

What else can be done?

Create a column in the newsletter with the heading ‘Customer’s Speak’ and share the customer’s feedback or bytes in that column. When people see their friend’s name in the newsletter, they are sure to avail the service and get featured in your newsletter. You can even send customers the reminder emails regarding the carpet service that is due in the coming month. Your customers are going to love it because in their busy schedule they can surely forget about the dirty carpet. And, a dirty carpet, surely spoils the interior and the aesthetics of their house.

Customize the emails that are sent to the loyal customers to make them feel that they are important and your business really care for their presence.