How Bookstores can Benefit from Email Marketing

Self-defeating marketing strategies are a failure and not recommended when you are planning to attract customers to your bookstore. A bookstore can benefit the maximum from an email marketing campaign because readers are enthusiastic readers who will never mind reading an extra email from your company. Email marketing is going to be more successful than any other form of marketing when it comes to promoting and expanding the customer base.

What should be done?

Email marketing is a great platform wherein you can portray all the offering to the potential customer in a creative yet subtle way. As a store owner you can send the customers update of the latest arrivals in the store. It will keep the customers updated with the latest books and interested customers can easily connect with the stores immediately. Moreover, you can send newsletters to the customers once a week about the current events. On special occasions such as Children’s Day or Teacher’s Day you can offer discounts to customers who are loyal and are subscribed to email newsletter. Additionally, it is a great way for the store to boast about their unique collection of books. It also establishes a good relationship and rapport between customers and the store. You can even call some local authors to sign and give books to the customers. This will increase your presence in the local area and is a great way to attract new customers to the bookstore.

 What to avoid?

Email marketing undoubtedly an amazing way to market the product, but when if done in excess can backfire as the customer might end up opting out of the email marketing newsletter.  Therefore, it is always recommended to send one newsletter per week as customer who are loyal should not be intrigued with the email continuously. As a marketer, you should accept the fact that because of these loyal customers, you are able to build a brand value and brand equity. Therefore, taking undue advantage is never recommended.

As a bookstore owner, it is high time you switch the marketing campaign from dead beat flyers and newspaper advertisement and use email marketing to increase the clientele.