How Authors can Make the Most of Email Marketing

It’s actually hard to believe that email surpasses all the other form of marketing even when digital marketing is prominent and preferred by people of all age groups. Still, a plethora of authors and publishers fail to reap the desired results because of lack of personalization. First of all an author need to distinguish, which messages should be sent to the large scale list versus which will be sent to a selected group of readers. Here are a few ways to make the most from your email marketing campaign.

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One-to-one email messages

Prior to any book launch, marketers need to separate influencers with whom the author has an existing relationship with influences with whom they don’t have a relationship. You need to smartly develop a marketing template and personalize the opening for everyone. Influencers can easily help in making the book launch a huge success. For example, if the person has thousands of followers on Twitter, you can request them to Tweet about the book link on the day of the launch. You can place a request via an email and send the exact quote you want to Tweet. For influences, who are unknown to you, make the email message as short as possible, but make the pitch extremely relevant. Email marketing will definitely help you attract the target audience for the book launch.

Large scale newsletters

These newsletters are best reserved for fans and readers, even if the readership is limited to just the family members. If you’re planning for preorders, send email messages, providing details about the availability of the book. Additionally, offer discounts and bonuses to people who buy it before a particular day. Therefore, focus on sending multiple messages to appeal as the deadline to purchase your book approaches. On the day of the launch, send messages announcing the sale of your book along with some review and blurbs from readers who have already read your masterpiece.

Publishers can focus on using sophisticated targeting for every marketing campaign to build long term readership. Email marketing will help you achieve the specific goals.