How Airline sector can Benefit from Email Marketing?

Flying in the air and experience the feel of a home is one of the desires of a traveler who chooses an airline as a means of communication. The joy of life is encountered in an air journey, whether the customer is travelling for the first time or not. Airlines across the world do not market heavily thinking their presence is known to the domestic travelers. However, with such an attitude, an airline is losing out on potential customers and giving a chance to the rivals to have a competitive advantage. Email marketing, is one of the leading ways to communicate with the passengers and potential customers.

What to do?

Many times customers who are frequent flyers miss out special discounts from the airlines because of lack of information. If an airline is offering discounts or early bird offers, email is the fastest way of communication because it reaches the inbox within a fraction of a second and it ensures that no customer is left who has not received the information. Moreover, through emails an airline can communicate the menu on board and other facilities to the passengers who are flying. During festival seasons, a majority of the companies give discounts on the return fare, the information is not spread across because of the use of print media or other ineffective marketing standards. Email is the best way to make the message read by millions of customers. You can even send customer testimonials of the flight experience they had, this will create brand value and identity. Bad experiences, which later on became superlative experiences due to the service provided in the airlines, will attract clients like a magnet.

How to do it?

Never purchase an email list from service providers because you never know whether the list will cater to your target audience or not. Leading the way to build a list is by asking passengers to fill in their email address at the time of booking the light. And, with millions of customers flying yearly, the list can be made strong and authentic.

With email marketing, an airline can benefit many folds and increase their customer base and generate loyalty in the customers.