How Adding Videos to the Email Marketing Campaign can Help?

Adding videos to the email marketing campaign will help you rope in new customers and your brand will definitely stand out of the crowd. A video has the ability to effectively deliver the message to the customer. In fact, it delivers better than a newsletter or a written text. However, keep in mind the following tips to ensure that the video delivers to its best capability

First Step

The first and the foremost step is to ensure that the video is of high quality. A low quality video will only irk the customers and it will hurt your business. A compelling story or mesmerizing video is not the necessity, the need is of high quality audio. If the audio is bad, no one will even bother to see the full video. The quality of a video in email marketing has been always the topmost priority.

Second Step

Hooking the audience through videos embedded in the email can be achieved if the users are captivated with the story line or the graphics of the video. No one is interested in watching a dull and boring video. Until or unless, the video connects with the customer, they will not care about it. The leading way is to use the video’s sound to narrate a story in way, customers is forced to take some actions against it. And, do not forget to give ‘call to action’ buttons. It will assist in increasing the potential customer base.

Third Step

If the video involves both audio and text, ensure that the text and audio are in synchronization with each otherwise, it will thoroughly confuse the person viewing it. Moreover, such loopholes only indicate the type of customer service your brand will provide. When you are not able to give 100 percent in your marketing campaign, probably you will work with the same attitude for the customers.

Final Step

Keeping the attention of the audience is probably one of the challenging tasks of any email marketing campaign. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce the length of the video and ensure it does not exceed 2-3 minutes, otherwise the audience will get bored. An ideal video sent via an email is 30 seconds to 1 minute as crisp information is loved by everyone.