Grow your Ecommerce Business With Email Marketing

Despite many years of prediction that email marketing will soon fade, the day is yet to arrive. Time and again marketers have stressed upon the importance of the platform as it helps in connecting with the target audience and results in the highest ROI. In fact, email marketing still remains one of the most essential and effective tool in reaching the target audience. Ecommerce business can utilize the effectiveness of this tool and make improvements in your marketing method. Here are a few ways of growing your business using email marketing.

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Email should come from a real person

According to a research, more than 64 percent of the readers open their email message only when the sender is a real person. Messages from ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’ are rarely read by the readers. And, such messages usually find their way in the trash folder. You need to understand that no one likes to receive messages from such email addresses. So, your next email marketing campaign, should come from either a member of your customer service team or marketing team. Your ecommerce business strives on email marketing, and you should not leave any stone unturned.

Mobile friendly messages

More than 70% people delete messages, if the email doesn’t display correctly on their mobile. Well! This number should force you to consider optimizing the messages for all mobile platforms. Single column designs work well with vertical scroll. Additionally, remember to include a plethora of white spaces for easy scanning. Most readers today scan the messages before reading it until the end. Make sure that the CTA buttons are easily clickable and tapped. Focus on using at least 44 pixels squared CTA for better results. Moreover, emails with a responsive design garners more than 55% higher click rate. As an ecommerce business, you’re missing out on potential opportunities to connect with the target audience.

Be succinct and give your readers a chance to read and learn. Find out the best time to reach your target audience for best results. No email marketing campaign is complete without your hard work.