Gmail with a Visual Punch

A Quick Look Back

A year back when Google introduced the tabbed inbox to segregate the marketing email into a separate promotional tab, marketers were apprehensive about the click rate which was anticipated to decline at an accelerating rate. However, the change is welcomed by a majority of the customers as it makes managing the mailbox a lot simpler. The promotion tab, for example, helps the customer and less mail get spammed as interested customers will anyway open the email.

An Insight into the Future

Google to enhance user experience and assist the email marketing campaign is now planning to bring in new interesting features called the Grid Tab. With the new grid view, the email marketers can create visual attractive and beautiful custom made tiles for every message that is floated across. Now, apart from the subject line an email marketer will easily get and grab hold of the attention of their prospective clients. The grid view will make the sorting easier and enhance the user experience, resulting in high open and click rates. But, currently the feature is compatible only with desktops and not laptops or tablets.

Google has basically tried to give a Pinterest look to the mailing experience. The scanning of the messages will become a lot simpler as users can now navigate easily. As an email marketer the added advantage is that the advertisement which opened in the promotional inbox will now will appear larger thereby increasing the customers’ experience. The new grid view comes with an infinite scrolling and this feature introduced by google can be disabled and discontinued at any point of time.

What the Future Holds

However, this grid view feature is temporary and as a marketer, you need to Signup for the new feature. It would be interesting to know the effect of this new visual punch on the read rate of the users and will also decide the email marketing future across the globe. Moreover, the future of this feature is a bit hazy and unknown as no one knows what is cooking up in Google’s mind.