Getting the Email Basics Right

Email marketing yields the highest ROI and if you are planning to establish your business online, you definitely need to use emails to connect with the prospects. You can actually make a great deal of money from the email marketing, but for reaping benefits of email, you need to get the basic of email marketing correct. Only when the basics are correct, you will be able to build a trajectory of long term relationship with the customers and taste success. Here are few email marketing basics, which should be adhered to whenever any newsletter or email is being sent out to the customers.


Follow up should be fast

Follow up with the customers within 1 hour of acquiring the leads will lead to a meaningful conversation abecause when the customer has recently agreed to receive information from your business, you stay fresh in their mind and the chances of engagement is increased by many folds. Therefore, whenever a customer signs up for the newsletter remember to send a meaningful email or a welcome letter to trigger engagement. The faster you follow up, the higher the chances of the converting the prospects into long term customers.

Professional Signature

All the email communication to the customers should be polished and professional if you want to gain the trust of the recipient. Therefore, have a proper and professional signature at the bottom of the communication.  You can include an opt-out button in the professional signature line for customers who want wish to discontinue with the email marketing campaign. Additionally, avoid sending a cluttered email as the audience will lose interest and the email will not be read completely. The signature line should have all the relevant information for the customer to contact you easily.

Professional email address

It is obvious, but still a plethora of businesses fail to follow this basic step. Put yourself in the shoes of the customers, and you will understand, how they feel when an unsolicited email is received from an absurd email address. Therefore, a professional email address is a must for all your marketing communication.