Fundamentals of Email Marketing

For email marketers, email marketing works like a magic wand. They simply wave the wand and they are able to connect to potential clients across the world. Email marketing has huge potential and the need of the hour is to update the design and campaign pattern with a change that the society is expecting. The best way to achieve phenomenal success, the first basic step is to get the fundamentals of email marketing correct. If the fundamentals go wrong, you will jeopardize the whole marketing campaign.

Some fundamentals which should be kept in mind are as follows:

1. Maximum Clickable Space

A clickable space in any email forms the backbone of the particular campaign because the user should be able to click the photo given in the mail otherwise it will frustrate the user. Clickable spaces should be more because it enhances the usability. Select the non-clickable spaces on the email and ask yourself what will happen if a user clicks on those spaces. Use the trial and error method to come out with various percentages of clickable and non-clickable space

2. Links are working

Nothing can be more frustrating and irritating than a non-working link. Therefore, time and again ensure that all the links you send in the email newsletter are working perfectly fine. The un-subscription link should be redirecting the customers to opt out of the email marketing and not to any other link. Non-working links leaves a negative impact in the minds of the customer because they realize that your company is not serious about the work done.

3. Clean and updated content

Photos having copyright dates of 3 years ago, scribbled photograph with a number of letters or words or sending promotional pictures of offers that cease to exist are mistakes that lead to failure of a campaign. Therefore, you need to ensure that whatever content you are sending to the customer is updated. Additionally, triggering any religious sentiments through an email is a strict no.

4. Less of legal formalities

A number of disclaimers all over the body of the newsletter is not recommended. Your legal team may want it, but you can always work out options of making such disclaimers succinct and updated.