Forgetting Basics of Email Marketing is Loss of Business

Even in 2015, email marketing continued its dominance with the highest return on investment. Today, it has become the first choice for marketers across the globe because of fir every $1 spent, email on an average reaps $40. Today, email is being taken for granted and considered as the base level of communication in almost every workplace. It actually forms the backbone of official communication in the modern society. Despite the existence of plethora of marketing platforms, email still remains the cornerstone for a successful marketing campaign. Therefore, you cannot afford to forget the basics otherwise you will lose business.

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Your readers check their emails daily

According to research, for every 1000 email subscribers, there are only 200 Facebook fans. Moreover, the customer overlapping between email and Facebook users is rare. You can yourself understand the penetration of email marketing over all other forms of marketing.  And, the first thing a reader check in the morning is their email address. You are probably missing out on a lot of potential customers if you are not using email to connect with the intended target audience. Send relevant, meaningful, and interesting content to the customers to increase your revenue and ensure a high ROI.

Majority emails are read on multi-screen devices

Both B2B and B2C consumers use multi-screen devices such as mobiles, tablets and laptops to read the email messages. Maximum emails today are viewed on Android devices and if marketers forget to design the template for various mobile devices, you are missing out on more than 50% of the probable readers. Email marketers should not be afraid of launching a campaign on a weekend because according to a research 32% of readers view messages even on a non-working day. Optimize the email for multi-screen devices to entice the readers.

Customized messages are liked by the readers

Segment your recipient based on their interests and tailor the content according to their requirements. Email marketing is the most customizable form of marketing. Leverage the effectiveness of the marketing platform to reach the next level in your business.