Fixing Your Email Marketing Strategy

Time and again, email marketing is referred as one of the most effective form of marketing available to convert prospects into real time customers. As a marketer, you may have various objectives and molding the marketing strategy in that direction is extremely essential. If you do not fix your marketing strategy before sending the messages to the customers, you are likely to encounter more than 70% spam complaint rate. Emails which are not relevant and useful are detrimentally deleted by the customers. Not all the mails deliver the intended message. Mails reaching the inbox of the customers is the result of a properly planned and executed email marketing campaign. Here are a few ways to identify the email marketing mistakes and fix the strategy as soon as possible.


Examine the root cause

If your open rates are low, you need to investigate about the root cause of the problem. Low open rates could be because of poor subject line, mails ending up in the recipients spam folder or irrelevant content. If your emails are landing in the spam folder of the recipient, then there lies a problem in the platform you are using to send messages to the intended target audience. Sending messages through outlook can be one reason behind low open rates. Therefore, it is advisable to use the services of an ESP. An email service provider will not help improve the deliverability rate, but will also manage and take care of your marketing list. If the low open rate is due to subject lines, focus on creating short, crisp and creative subject lines. Subject line is the first thing a reader comes across and it determines the future of the message.


A major chunk of your email communication today is being read on a mobile device. In short, you need to ensure that all emails and messages are compatible will all the devices and platforms. However, many marketers still overlook readability and focus on building a mailing list, which will never yield the desired results. Split the content into different paragraphs for easier and faster reading.