Fixing Blunders in Email Marketing

The technological world is moving extremely fast. And, with the dynamics of Google and other email provider changing over a due course of time, it becomes extremely important to fix blunders, which a majority of email marketers commit today. The ailments of fixing the error is simple if followed properly and religiously.

1. Know how many people open email on mobile phones

66% people using mobile phones to open emails is a fact, which is known to everyone, but out of the 66% how many are your customers? A majority of the email marketers will have no response to this question because none of them ever bothered to think about the mobile users. The negative impact is your inability to create a strategy for the mobile audience. The leading way to fix this blunder by using a simple tracking pixel. You can take help of your email service provider to understand the working of the pixel.

2. Do not keep the marketing campaign confined to your team

Whether your email marketing campaign is successful or not, ensure that the details are shared with everyone in the organization. You never know, who will give you a clutter breaking approach. Moreover, it develops a sense of integration and unity in the organization. The result of the email campaign can be shared on office boards or via emails and suggestions on improving the campaign can be welcomed. Take anecdotes from the internal employees to articulate, impressive and eye-catching email marketing campaigns.

3. Understand the working of an email

Understand the way and email works will help you deliver quality results. Half information or knowledge is deadly and can lead to blunders, which is can never be fixed. Therefore, read blogs and handbooks of different email service providers to understand the functioning of the email world. You can even take the help of your colleagues and peers for a clear overview of the key functionalities of an email.

4. Hire a professional to code your emails

Plain text emails, no longer create a sense of importance. Therefore, it is essential to hire people who will code the email in a beautiful template before it is sent to the customers.