Facts that can Increase the Conversion Rate of your Email Marketing Campaign

The email marketing has undergone a plethora of changes in the recent years, but whatever change it has undergone, it still remains the best campaign for generating leads and staying connected with clients. An email marketing campaign has the power to build long-lasting client relationship. Some facts are given below, which will help in increasing the conversion rate.

Fact#1  Customers wait for the emails

A majority of the customers today prefer to receive mail for commercial purpose and if the email marketing campaign is done in the right way, then the customers will always remain happy and acknowledge the emails from your company whether they are promotional mails or mails related to business. Moreover, research has very clearly shown that more than 70% of the people who are online, prefer to receive marketing mails rather than direct communication. If the email is written in a personal tone, then there is no looking back as the email marketing will no doubt generate the wanted leads.

 Fact#2 Personal targeting increases the open rate by more than 15%

When people receive customized mails and when the mails are targeted to the specific interest of a customer, then the open rate increases. Sending emails to a list of customers blindly will not serve the purpose. Having a persona is every email sent to a customer as a promotional email, is what is required today.

Fact#3 Around 65% people buy things because they received a promotional email

This figure might baffle those people who think that email marketing is a waste of time and money. According to a research done by the Direct Marketing Association, 65% of the customers buy products just because they received a promotional email.  This is an excellent conversion rate, which can increase the revenue of the company and make them earn good profits.

Fact#4 Having a small email list of the target audience is more than enough

Many Marketers believe that a huge email list will only lead to higher conversion rates, but it is not true. A small email list with interested clients is any day better than a huge email list with uninterested clients.