Email Video Marketing: The Next Step in Email Marketing

Videos on social media are capable of producing a lot of buzz, but very few marketers use videos in email marketing. Putting emails in your video increases the revenue, click-through rate and open rate. Additionally, according to a report by Forrester Research, video email marketing increases the click-through rate by 200-300 percent. Today, including videos in an email is simple and an extremely smart way to increase the revenue of your brand. Here are a few things to consider:

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Produce great videos

Before creating a video, you should have a clear idea of why you’re making a video. Is your goal to increase brand awareness or provide more information to the readers? Without a definite goal, you cannot connect with the target audience. Furthermore, have a clear expectation from the audience i.e. you want the readers to comment or purchase a product using the video. Focus on filming a well-lit video with superb audio and visual. The optimum length of a video is anywhere between 3-5 minutes. Create a high quality video to win your audience.

Include the word ‘video’ in the subject

Subject lines are a nightmare for marketers because it decides whether the message will be read or not. However, by using the word ‘video’ in your subject line, the open rate will drastically increase. If you don’t believe the powerfulness of a video, carry out a batch test of emails with and without ‘video’ mentioned in the subject line. Based on the results send videos to customers, who interact positively on receiving a video.

Avoid auto playing feature

Auto play works wonder on Facebook as a customer has to choose one video from the many available. But, the scenario is different in email marketing. The auto playing feature is an unpopular choice and many customers cannot stand an auto playing video in their inbox. Therefore, if you’re using an email service provider that supports video playback, avoid using it.

Do not hesitate to try this popular and proven email marketing tactic to build a loyal base of customers.