Email Testing is Simple and Effective

Why bother email testing and waste time and money? This question troubles every email marketer when someone talks about email testing. Email testing is not expensive and will surely yield results and returns in due course of time. The practice is effortless and brings you closer to fulfilling the requirements of the intended target audience. Carrying out the email testing is simple and can be done effortlessly.


1. Look back in time

In order to execute the email testing effectively, you need to first go a little back in time and know your intended target audience. As a company, you have a unique audience, which requires unique and extra efforts. Try to identify the loopholes and understand the requirement of your customers and the products or services you are planning to offer. You should clearly know about what defines your audience because only then the email marketing campaign will become successful.

2. What is to be tested?

It is pointless trying to execute an email test about something which is already known. Therefore, things which you have not understood about the customer or the targeted audience will help you focus and build a strategy to start the email testing. The valuable unknowns will surely help you serve the customers in a better way.

3. Plan and execute the test

Using the details obtained from step 2, you can work to create a test and discover the unknown. Suppose you are a t-shirt selling company, you would be interested to know what types of t-shirts are preferred by the female audience. You can perform an email test with the 4 different types of t-shirts you are offering. You can know which email is getting the maximum replies from the customers. You will also understand the preference of the customers and accordingly take corrective actions. With this email marketers can test out different permutations and combinations of variables by keeping isolating a variable which requires focus.

Remember to keep a clear idea about what should be tested throughout the testing process and keep it as simple as possible.