Email Segmentation Strategies

Email marketing is all about curating and nurturing relationship with the readers. You email message should be relevant and meaningful to the audience otherwise engaging the readers will become a difficult task. And, according to a survey, more than 35% of marketers cited segmentation as the major source of growth. Segmenting the list is essential to capture the attention of the customers and drive sales. Also, remember that segmentation help build an email reputation as your customers are more likely to read the messages. Here are few interesting email segmentation strategies.

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How much did your customer spend last time they made a purchase? One high value product or many small valued products? Based upon the amount spent, you can decide whether to send a sale or luxury items. Directing email messages featuring products, which interest the audience without a promotion can prevent the unsubscribe rate. Segmenting the customers based upon purchase behavior will help you nurture the relationship with the readers.


If you run a local general store with healthy sales, you need to ensure that you’re targeting online and local customers differently. If you run such a company, you need to ask the zip code of the reader during sign up. You can build and nurture relationships by adding a store locator at the bottom of the mailing address to attract the local customers. Geo-targeting is a great way to attract the readers and ensure you build a strong customer base. Additionally, Geo-targeting will help you improve the word of mouth publicity, especially when local customers like your online locator and store.


Do you have readers who purchase every week or every month? Or are customers purchasing only during the holiday season? You will be shocked to know that more than 60% of the customers unsubscribe because they receive too many messages. By sending frequent messages, you are risking your subscribers and the revenue you receive from such customers. Based upon the frequency of purchase, you can send interesting offers to the customers and attract them further to make a purchase.

No email marketing campaign is successful without proper email list segmentation.