Email Personalization Tactics

According to a survey conducted more than 95% of the marketers agreed that personalization is essential to meet their short term and long term marketing objectives. Personalization can open up new opportunities and marketers are well aware of it. But, still for many email marketing campaigns, personalization is only about using the first or the last name of the customer. Gone are those days when a customer use to feel excited seeing their name in a marketing communication. Today, personalization has moved one step ahead and is a powerful tactic to attract the prospects.


Get in the shoes of your customer

In the marketing world it is believed that if you want to sell something to a customer, you need to get in their shoes. You will be shocked to know that the click-through rate increases by 15% when email persona is used. And, to build a buyer persona, you need to segment the target audience based upon their demographics, values, what the buyer’s want, what are the goals of the buyer and how they make the buying decision. Utilizing the customer personas will help you connect with people in a better way.  Once you pull the customer’s persona, use the information in your customer communication. Such a communication would be relevant to the customers and they will ensure to read the message.

Send emails at the right time

One of the most important steps for a successful email marketing campaign is sending the messages to the right customers at the right time based upon their location.  Sending emails according to your time zone will not help the readers because the chances of sending emails at an odd time of the day are very high. You need to test different timings of the email before coming out with a conclusion. Send maximum emails during the interval and the break hours as readers are free and can easily spend time scanning the messages you are sending. Adjust your time zone according to the readers only then you will be able to attract the target audience.

Personalization will help the email marketing campaign flourish.