Email Metrics and its Use – Part II

The following metrics will help you run a successful campaign and will assist you to track the success of the email marketing you are performing.


1) Open Rates

This metric basically determines the percentage of people who actually open the email that you are sending. The formula for calculating this rate is simple. Divide the number of emails that are bring opened to the number of emails that get delivered. A majority of marketers considers an open rate 15 percent to 20 percent as an extremely good open rate. And, the best way to improve it is by creating a subject line, which will actually force the customers to open the email. A majority of the emails today get rejected because the customers do not find the subject line interesting or compelling.

 2) Conversion rate

Conversion rate is the ratio of the number of actions taken by the user to the number of emails that have been delivered. This rate basically measures and gives the result of those people who actually click your emails whether they read it completely or not is not the concern here. The metrics are useful if you want to know how many people signed up for your newsletter, etc. If the email is about donation, a conversion rate of 0.50 % to 2% is considered good, whereas if it is an advocacy email, then a conversion rate of 3 to 15 percent is good enough to decide the success of an email marketing campaign.

3) Click-through-rate

This rate is of significant importance as it gives a clear overview of what is interesting the recipients and how well your marketing campaign is successful in converting the interest to a click through.  A CTR of 1 to 11 percent is general and a business should aim at achieving this rate.

4) Unsubscribed rate

This is one of the most important metrics, which needs tracking because through this metric you understand whether you are targeting the right group of people or not. It is a way by which you can know why customers are unsubscribing from the newsletter. However, this rate should be as low as possible. An unsubscribed rate of 0.5 to 1 percent is normal and common with businesses who send out promotional emails to the customers.