Email Marketing – What you are Definitely not Doing

Email marketing is the leading platform, helping a business and brand reach their target audience while maintaining a high ROI – an achievement no other marketing platform is capable of. Often marketers, do not use email marketing the full capacity and tend to lose a golden opportunity to connect with their customers. The trend is changing and today only about 30% of the customers prefer checking and reading their emails on a desktop. Rest all have Smartphones or tablets. The numbers are shocking and marketers need to think about improving their strategies to stay ahead in the race. However, the major challenge is that more than 50% of the conversion comes from desktop users, meaning that readers may open their emails on a mobile device, but take the necessary action when using a tablet or desktop. Here are a few ways to overcome these barriers.

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Thinking beyond the newsletters

Marketers are missing out on an exciting opportunity of customizing the email template for individual customers. A study revealed that more than 42% of the marketers do not segment their readers before sending the messages and end up sending the same messages to people with varied interest. Quite often, newsletters are not the best way to send the message across. You need to break the old fashioned customs and think out-of-the box. Triggered programs such as first or second purchase program, a welcome message and replenishment programs will help you entice the target customers. Think beyond the conventional and boring newsletters to taste success.

Progressive personalization

Most of the marketing messages a reader receives do not contain any offers or discounts exclusively according to their personal interest. Blast emails are no longer effective in luring the customers to make a purchase. A recipient will find the content engaging when messages delivered are relevant and personalized. Merely using the first name of the recipient in the email is not personalization anymore. Sending messages tailored according to the past behavior or purchase history of the customer will surely help you build long term relationship.

Your email marketing campaign will never flourish unless you rectify your strategies at the earliest.