Email Marketing Vs Social Media

Are you using both email marketing and social media to keep the customers engaged? Is your marketing budget fixed? A plethora of marketers is confused between using email marketing and social media, especially when the marketing budget is limited. Undoubtedly, the ROI of email is the highest and without a good system, social media will become extremely time consuming resulting in customer dissatisfaction. Many marketers are choosing social media over email marketing because millions of customers use Facebook on a daily basis, but they forget that the number of customers using email marketing is far higher than social media marketing. Email will give you the desired platform, which social media can never provide.


The number says it all

As stated above, the number of people using email is almost 3 times the number of social media users. You will be missing out on a lot of potential customers. Not only the number of users is high, the open and the engagement rates are also higher. A Facebook post may see a reach of 2 to 6%, but the open rate of an email usually starts at 15%. Emails, which are timely and interesting, even witness an open rate of more than 60%. Even the click-through rates are higher when compared to other marketing platforms. Additionally, if you are targeting business people, many organizations do not even allow the use of social media sites. If you are someone relying heavily on numbers, email marketing is your platform.


The return on investment for email marketing is very high and the social media is not even near it. Many companies attribute more than 23% of their sales to email marketing. You will be spending low when using this platform, but the returns you get would be very high. On the same hand, marketing through Facebook or Twitter is costly because in order to feature in the newsfeed of a customer, you have to pay an amount.

Both social media and email marketing have their own pros and cons, but overall nothing can beat the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign.